The Rose Consort of Viols: Programmes


'Trickling Tears and Ruthless Rage'

dramatic songs and consort music from the Elizabethan theatre.

Flights of Fancy: The flowering of the English Viol Consort

A programme which covers the long tradition of consort-playing at the English court, ranging from some of the repertory which might have been suitable for Henry VIII's viol consort through to its last flowering in the hands of the young Purcell.
4 viols

Passionate Pavans and Farewell Fancies

Music from the last days of the English viol consort, including majestic pavans and fantasias by composers such as Jenkins, Tomkins, Lawes and Purcell. This programme could include a performance of Ivan Moody's Farewell for Viols (1993) specially written for the Rose Consort, or this could be replaced with further Jacobean music.
5 viols

Hoe, who comes here?

A celebration of the music of Thomas Morley to mark the 400th anniversary of his death in 1602, interspersed with readings from his 'A Plaine and Easie Introduction to Practicall Musicke', together with songs, fantasias and dances by his teacher William Byrd and his Elizabethan colleagues.
5 viols and soprano

Evenly, Softly, and Sweetly Acchording to All

Much great viol music was written by keyboard composers for viols and chamber organ. This programme investigates the relationship between these instruments in music by Ferrabosco II, Gibbons, Byrd, Jenkins, Cosyn, Bull, Tomkins and Lawes
5 viols and chamber organ

Teares of sorrowe and ioy: English Music to sooth the Melancholy Humour

The Elizabethans exposed themselves to melancholy as a way of exorcising the dark humour. The Rose Consort explore this theme through music by Holborne, Byrd, Dowland, Tallis, Bevin and Parsons, concluding with Dowland's incomparable set of Lachrimae pavans.
5 viols and lute

Heigh ho Holiday: a celebration of the music of Antony Holborne

A programme which sets pavans, galliards and almains from Holborne's famous 1599 collection of dances in the context of pieces by three of his great Elizabethan musical colleagues: Tallis, Byrd and Parsons.
5 viols and lute/cittern

An exploration of some of the connections between song and instrumental music in that truly Golden Age of Elizabethan and Jacobean England. Includes music by Ward, Orlando di Lasso, Dowland, Byrd, Gibbons, Ferrabosco I, Tallis and others.
5 viols and soprano

The Golden Age Restored: Music from the Court of King James I

The Jacobean court was a hotbed of musical activity, in which viols took a full part, either in consort or to accompany a solo voice. The leading court composers were Byrd, Ferrabosco II, Coprario, Dowland, Tomkins, Brade and Gibbons
5 viols and mezzo soprano

'In Nomines' and 'Brownings'

Setting the In Nomine or Browning was one of the tasks repeatedly attempted by composers for viols. Hear how Woodcock, Taverner, Stonings, Tye, Gibbons, Ward, Baldwin, Jenkins, Ferrabosco I, Tomkins, Purcell, Bevin, Byrd, Lawes and Ferrabosco II react in their different ways to the challenge.
6 viols

Consorts for Cavaliers and Roundheads

While the English Civil War raged, music went on. This programme contrasts the flamboyant music of the cavalier William Lawes with that of John Hingeston, Cromwell's house musician, together with pieces by their contemporary John Jenkins.
6 viols & organ

'..in chains of gold..': Verse anthems and consort music from Jacobean England

Of all the music 'apt for voyces and vialls' the verse anthem represents a perfect match of vocal and instrumental textures. This programme highlights some of the greatest works in the genre, by Gibbons, Byrd, Tomkins, Bull and Ward, together with some of their consort music.
5 viols & 6 voices

The Rose Consort also performs music by contemporary composers, and actively seeks commissions – the contrast of old music with new enhancing both. Examples include works by Michael Parkin and Chris Fox, and a programme developed in conjunction with the vocal group Red Byrd which juxtaposes music by Arvo Pärt with music by William Byrd.


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